Tale Of Socks

Cow Pattern Crew Socks - Black and White

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Cause I am a champion.. you are gonna hear me MOO! Incredible things will happen today, if you chose not to be a miserable cow.. Get our new stylish, cool pair now and Spread MOOs everywhere..
This Tale Of Socks pair turns a must-have, essential items into a must-share experience.  Plus our woven Class A, certified premium Egyptian cotton is key to happy feet.
  • Crew-cut sits at the calf.
  • Moisture wicking fibers pull sweat and water away from your feet.
  • Ripped cuff to help socks stay in place.
  • Super cozy terry.  
  • Arch support for stability.
  • Seamless Toe.
  • Sold as one-pair pack.
  • Cushioning throughout offers a more secure fit that offers great impact protection and a comfortable fit.

Step boldly and tell your bright, cheerful story with the perfect pair!

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