Beginners' Guide: How To Wear Colored Socks?

These days, accents and color blocks have found its way to the fashion pieces worn from casual street style to the corporate scene. Want to add a lively touch to your look? You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to turn your closet with a 360-shift to full-blown rainbow! You can add bits of color to your look to ease you into this new trend with colored socks!
It is now more common to find more people taking the first step towards the colorful movement with printed socks on their feet.  Fortunately, these happy socks from Tale of Socks do not only add a touch of personality to your whole outfit, but it also makes for a good conversation starter! Not to mention the style points you get from just wearing these cool socks.
Looking for a way to wear cool socks? 
Check out this quick guide on how you can effortlessly assimilate colored socks into your daily wear!
1. Wear it with Jeans
We all have a pair of trusted jeans that we wear all the time. Take the classic combo of jeans and a plain top to the next level by wearing trendy socks with them! Notice how the socks bring a fun touch to the otherwise plain look. Mix and match your jeans style with these socks now!
Crew socks from Tale Of Socks - Polka Dots Collection 
Another Crew long socks from Tale of Socks - Small Polka Dots Collection
2. Color Block
If you already love color, adding crazy socks to your look can be a fun twist! Take cues from Menna Elzo and Haneen Hossam who kept their jumpsuits and hooded outfits bright enough with solid tops and these colorful funny socks! Want to try it your way? Simply wear a loud jacket or sweater and pair it with colored casual socks and you're good to go!
model wears socks from Tale of Socks - the Memphis geometric collection
 3. Active Wear
If you’re into working out, going to the gym, or running, you’re probably set with your workout gear already. But you can still make working out fun by adding new quarter socks or ankle socks to your gym essentials. The good thing about exercising is that you just have to dress comfortably so you can successfully finish your workout. And now you can add your touch to the generic workout clothing.
Yoga Instructor Asmaa El Shaer wearing our Memphis Geometric Crew Socks from Tale of Socks
     4. Street Style
Street style is still popular these days thanks to its casual touch and ease-of-wear. Aside from denim, the main staple for streetwear is comfortable pieces of clothing such as shirts and a light outwear. You can match your light-colored outfit with a loud pair of socks and it will still look great.
 Models wearing socks from Tale Of Socks - Zodiac Sign Collection (Aries)
     5. Corporate Style 
Fun crew socks can also look presentable with your office outfit. If your workplace allows a modern dress code, then these socks can bring your corporate fashion to the next level. Pencil cut trousers are a popular pairing with printed socks as they can either be hidden or highlighted as you please. Dresses and skirts can also look extra chic when ladies pair these socks with their closed shoes.
Stylish Wafaa Nabil wearing socks from Tale of Socks - Classic Red Hearts
Should you want to try out colored socks in various sizes apart from the long crew ones, Tale of Socks is also offering kids socks, low-cut socks (ankle socks), invisible socks (secret socks), quarter socks and more. Check out the other items below. This assortment of short and long socks are great for people who want the fun to be kept within their shoes. Plus, they are also ideal for people who like to lounge at home while still wearing secret socks!  You can buy socks online at!


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