How to Wear Colored Socks: Day to Night Looks with a Fun Touch

Looking for a way to keep your spirits up these days? Add a bit of fun and color to your daily clothing rotation such as by wearing happy socks to keep you reminded of bright days ahead! Fortunately, online sock retail brand Tales of Socks just have the right pair for all your daily activities. Whether you're just staying at home, going to work, running errands, or meeting friends, there is a pair of socks that will go well with whatever you wish to do!

 From day to night, work to weekend, find the right pair of colored socks for you! 
1. Lazy Day
Staying at home is a new norm now, but it doesn’t mean you need to keep the fun of dressing up in isolation too! Check out these matching Evil Eye printed socks to wear when you wish to stay in bed a little longer or when you wish to work-from-home but still keep your feet comfy all day.
 The lovely couple Timmy Mowafi and Farah Hosny wearing evil eye socks from Tale of Socks
2. Office-Ready 
For those who still have to dress up for the office, worry not as you can still rock cool socks without breaking a corporate dress code! For the gentlemen, you can wear printed crew socks well under your trousers’ hem or show them off by wearing pants that have a shorter cut. Meanwhile, the ladies can spice up their stilettos or slacks with quarter socks or long socks whose color matches or accentuates their top or bag! But if you wish to keep the fun details of your socks within your shoes, you can opt for Tales of Socks’ secret socks or invisible socks that go way below the ankle.
Stylist Wafaa Nabil wearing classic red hearts crew socks from Tale of Socks
3. Hang Outs 
After-work pursuits also give a good chance for dressing up with crazy socks. Out for art and craft session? Or to a night out with friends? Keep the mood (and your vibe) light with fun casual socks to your look!
Actress Gina Adel wearing our Polka Dots Crew Socks from Tale of Socks
Out for a date or dance night? You can elevate the dapper or chic look with trendy socks. Red and black palettes add a lovely twist to your evening look.  So be sure to throw in little accents and funny socks that will make your night more special.
Models wearing valentine's days collection love crew long socks from Tale of Socks
Tales of socks offer a wide variety of long and short socks, from ankle socks / low-cut socks, quarter socks, tp secret socks / invisible socks, and more. you will be sure to find a pair that will suit your day-to-day agenda. The brand also carries kids' socks. Be sure to check out and buy socks online at!

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