Colored socks are now finding its way to the wardrobe of many people! Not only are these cool socks functional, but they also serve as a fashion statement. Whether you just wish to express your style more or just add a bright element to your everyday look, wearing happy socks is a fun and affordable way to hype up your look and your whole day!

Tales of Socks is a leading company where you can buy socks online with a great variety of prints and cuts. From quarter socks, to ankle socks, and even kids socks, the brand has the ideal pair of socks to match your personality and style!

Check out the fits below to see how trendy socks add a notch of freshness to the usual casual ensemble.

1. White Top + Jeans

We're sure you have your version of this streetwear staple! The classic white shirt and jeans are not going anywhere. So how can you make it fresh all the time? Wear printed socks! Take cues from the models above who are rocking the socks from the Jungle Collection!

 Models wearing crew socks jungle collection from Tale of Socks

2. Fun with Layers

Want to stay cozy? Pair those jackets and cardigans with a bright set of crazy socks to help you feel warmer! Puff jackets may look plain but with these casual socks, you can give your look (and mood!) a boost you never knew you needed!

 Model wearing zodiac signs crew long socks from tale of socks

3. Trendy Tweak

These outfits would have looked too plain if not for the crew socks they are wearing. These eye-catching funny socks truly added flare to the otherwise common get-up. Who new your everyday style can still get more stylish with just a pair of socks? It works amazingly!

Presenter Farah Ali wearing our Libra Zodiac sign crew socks from Tale of Sock

Salma Elbatawy wearing our classic red hearts crew socks (black) from Tale of Socks

 Emma Abdelaziz wearing Leo Zodiac sign crew socks from Tale of Socks

Tales of Socks also carry styles from various collections including a limited-edition Ramadan Collection, Love Collection, Zodiac Collection, and more! You can check out more low-cut socks, short socks (or long ones) as well as secret socks or invisible sock from


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