Home Couture: Take Your Trendy Socks Game to the Next Level This Quarantine Period

For many around the world, the new normal may see more people staying and working at home. In the next few months, there may be changes to how often people travel or go out, but this should not stop anyone from keeping their best foot forward when it comes to how they dress. Preparing for your next video conference meeting? Or simply just lounging on your comfy clothes? Let these pairs of colored socks brighten your quarantine look to help you go through the days in style and delight.

Here are three ways you can rock printed socks even in the comfort of your own home.

1. Sweater Season 

Your comfy jumper and comfy pants can be your new stay-at-home uniform. Pull out all the stops with dressing brightly by pairing your brightest tops with the colorful long socks and crew socks from online retail brand Tales of Socks! They also carry a Zodiac collection filled with cools socks that match your star sign!

model in a hoodie wearing zodiac sign crew socks Capricorn from Tale of Socks

Fun fact: Just like the rest of Tales of Socks’ collections, the Zodiac Collection comes with crew socks, quarter socks, and even secret socks to suit your sign and length preference!

2. Casual style

Who said you can't dress up even if there's quarantine? Look and feel your best every day with your favorite fashion style and pair them up with happy socks! Take cues from this walk-the-dog style and add a twist of fun on the classic black palette with crazy socks!

Memphis crew socks - geometric design


3. All-Day Lounging Style

Want to stay in bed the whole day? Same here! Take the whole dive into comfy house wear with these super eye-catching casual socks! Take cues from Dalia Fouad and make sure to match your favorite furniture or objects at home with a pair of ankle socks or low-cut socks of your choice. After all, you’re the one who’ll feel good wearing them! So make it a point to make these funny socks a highlight of your day!

Small Polka dots crew socks (red and yellow)  

Tales of Socks also offer more fun collections of long or short socks, invisible/secret socks, and even kids socks among its roster. Buy socks online at talesofsocks.com now!

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